Thursday, April 05, 2007


April 5, 2007

How does one go about making a new friend?

In the world prior to blogging, it would take personal introductions, then get-togethers, social gatherings, and spending time to become acquainted with a new friend. If I think back ten or fifteen years ago, say, early '90s, when my oldest was still in high school, when I didn't own a computer, how would I ever have known that through blogs and e-mail, that I would become acquainted with others that would actually change my outlook, my life?

Does that make sense? In the past two years, I've read stories and posts and profiles and blog entries, seen pictures, copied quotes and I've identified with people outside of my circle of friends. I have become acquainted with new people - and I love it! People who have put themselves out there for me to know, and yet, until now, I had never personally met one particular person whom I now consider a friend. Let me tell you how this came to be...

Yesterday all of my girls and I traveled about an hour away to Earlham College. We'd come to watch the one-man performance that portrayed personal experiences of living in an ex-gay ministry. This performance revealed many true-to-life happenings, some of which were humorous to laughing out loud funny, as well as the heartbreak felt by those who try and inevitably cannot, change through any means, their sexual identity/orientation. By taking on various characters, Peterson Toscano also shared the hope - the hope and the inspiration - to bring love and light to those around us. This includes our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender friends and family, so that they too can live and feel that God is love, extended to all of us, and that we all may share in that love.

It is for sharing this light with me that I sincerely thank my friend, Peterson. All this is pretty heavy revelation, and it all started with websites, links and a blog. Thanks, Peterson, for all you've done to share the Light.

Thanks too for the hug.

carol! How wonderful to see you and your family. They are LOVELY. Thank you for coming to the show.

Yes, I agree, this blogging stuff is amazing for connecting people together. So glad it happened for us. Much love!!!
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