Monday, August 20, 2007


more Floyd Landis

Read this. I still am hoping he can race in 2008, and YES, I'll go. You bet I will!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


disappearing dog bowl

Here's the thing - I went to feed our golden retrievers tonight, only to find just one bowl. Now, the two bowls are always in the garage. A week ago we had a rummage sale, and the tables and boxes are still there. It is a regular maze to get to the dog food area, and where the heck is the 2nd bowl? The dogs NEVER carry out their bowls, but perhaps they went dog-crazy and drug it to the yard.
Daylight will have to come before I go looking for it - and I imagine it will be out in the "place" where they always take their favorite bones...and sticks...and old frisbees, and stuff. I was talking to my sister on a cell phone, so it was particularly frustrating to be zipping through the rummage maze, holding a normal conversation, looking for the bowls, getting around the dogs, and tipping up the almost empty bag of food into the one bowl.

Meanwhile, dinner with the newlyweds was great. Thanks, kids, for sharing.

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