Sunday, March 19, 2006


My baby is having a baby

Okay, she is 30 years old, but she is having a baby SOON! Yesterday was her due date, and considering that Karen is known to sometimes be late, we are saying that "little Anita," is taking her time, just like her mommy.

The idea that soon I'll be able to HOLD this little baby, well, I am trying to just wait patiently. Not easy, but at least it isn't me who is pregnant.

Karen has done so well. She hasn't gained a lot of weight, just right. She is healthy, she looks GREAT, and she is tired of having a constant backache. She doesn't complain, and she has accomplished so much. Until last week she has worked full-time for RBMI, shipped plenty of yarn through e-bay and she has decorated the baby's room. I wish I had a photo! The room is painted green and yellow, and I made coordinating bumper pad, dust ruffle, window shades and drawer covers for a changing table. All the tiny clothes are washed and waiting. There are plenty of diapers and blankets. (There's been some teasing that this baby will be the warmest baby in Delaware County, thanks to Grandma Carol.) Karen and Rajeev have taken all the prep classes, read all the info, and made their "birth plan." Even cute pictures have been posted on Liz's site of how cute Karen looks, and how Daddy Rajeev is happily looking forward to "Anita's" arrival.

We are ready! Baby, COME!

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